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Hermetic Heptagram by James Carrington
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Wyldwood Radio

An online Pagan radio station

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Baphometrix Logo

Logo design for US based EDM act

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Nox Gothic Radio

An online Gothic station


Hermetic Heptagram by James Carrington

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What Is Hermetic

by: james ~ 13 Dec 2019

‘Hermetic - Design Done Alchemically’ isn’t just a cool sounding tagline, it speaks of the process I use when building or rebuilding a website, rebranding or creating a new design. There’s a little magic in everything I do.

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New Site

Published on 13 Dec 2019


Hermetic Heptagram by James Carrington
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Name: James Carrington

Bio: An expression of The All

About Me

Hi I’m James! I’m a graphic and web designer and radio programmer and presenter. I’ve been creating sites since 2001 with my humble beginnings using WYSIWYG platforms such as AOL Hometown, to teaching myself how to code by taking pages apart and rebuilding them.

I began with a niche group of clients, that being New-Age and Pagan shops, events and websites. More recently I work with bands and artists to create logos and websites and also with other small businesses for their needs.

I also run Wyldwood Radio and Nox Gothic!

If you’re interested in hiring me, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.